The Designer

Becky Dubois has worked for some amazing cooks during her 20 years in the food and beverage industry. She worked next to chefs that truly cared about the integrity of their food - where it's coming from, the local farmers, the quality and the presentation. Although no longer cooking, Becky still stands next to a pot on the stove.



Becky has a food-grade thermometer in her pocket all day and does more dishes than she'd like to admit. She has taken the same ethics and integrity that she learned while cooking next to world class chefs and applied it to creating candles. She maintains healthy relationships with her suppliers and vendors and will continue to do so.


She is committed to her family and your family. Fresh Coast Candles is, and will remain one of the healthiest candles you can buy. Becky witnessed first hand the damage that burning synthetic candles can cause, and will produce only the best, toxin free candles on the market.

Long Burning Candles
Clean Burning Candles