Renew & Reuse

The vessels we use to store our candles are made from 100% renewable wine bottles. 
After your candle has been spent, we encourage you to clean it and reuse it as a functional tool around your home.


Renewed Bottles

A great tasting bottle of wine often is the perfect companion to a wonderfully scented candle. The wine bottle is gently sculpted out of smooth, shiny glass. The flavor offers a truly powerful taste, and the smell that can sometimes last a lifetime. It seems such a shame to toss such a beautiful bottle after the last glass has been poured. 

That is why we teamed up with Refresh Glass for our vessel. They create our vessels from rescued wine bottles that they collect, clean, and cut into that perfect space for our candles. 

And once your Fresh Coast Candle has expired, we encourage you to reuse the bottle. The possibilities are endless, but just in case you would like some ideas, we have some for you.


Flower Vase

An obvious choice, our vessels make the perfect flower vase for your home. Collect all our colors and you will have your choice to spruce up your home during the holiday season, during summertime gatherings, or just about any other occasion


Wine / Water Glass

Yes indeed... fill it up again!
Never buy a drinking glass again, well, as long as you continue to burn Fresh Coast Candles.


Pencil / Pen Holder

We all have desks in our home, office, bedroom. Keep the all your writing utensils in one space and add some shine to your office.


Toothbrush Holder

Once the family begins to grow, so does the mess in the bathroom. Brushes and toothpaste on the counter, in the drawer or medicine cabinet. Keep them together and keep your bathroom clean and clutter-free.


And so on... countless ways to reuse your Fresh Coast Candle, save some money and save Mother Earth.